Version Control

This post is again about the Python bytecode interpreter I have started in the three previous posts. This time I won’t develop the interpreter any further but rather start to set up an environment for this little project.

Until now I have just had a single test case in my main script, and as you could see if you had followed the download links I the three versions of the script were just saved as three different files,,, and
This manual version control is maybe feasible as long as I have only one file and as long as I am the only one developing, but already under these conditions a finer versioning would be desirable.

I could use a local version control system, but as I want to publish the code anyway, a distributed, public version control would be the better suited tool. I am new to distributed version control systems, and have quickly looked at git and mercurial. For both there are public repositories available: GitHub and BitBucket.

I found this question on StackOverflow about the differences of git and mercurial and I think for this project it does not matter much which system I will use. I went for git / GitHub because I think it can be lower level and if want to try out more complicated things later, I would already have this as a real example. But for the moment I will probably use only basic features.

I have created leovt/interp on GitHub and have already checked in the files from the previous posts.
Each version posted previously is now a tag in the GitHub repository.

All I needed to do for setting up this repository is clearly explained on the GitHub website.


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